Dah Sing Bank and the Federation of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises (HKSME) launched the “SME ESG Charter 2024” to provide free independent assessment and certification for up to 30 qualified SMEs, hoping to promote local SMEs to deepen their understanding and practice environment, society and governance (ESG), and integrating ESG elements into the operating structure and governance mechanism, thereby to improve operating efficiency in the long run, enhancing business competitiveness and taking an important step towards future sustainable development.

《SME ESG Charter》was held at Zero Carbon Building, Hong Kong on April 18, 2024. Hansk New Materials was honored to be awarded the ESG Charter Certification Certificate for Supporting SMEs as a commended enterprise (2023).

The “SME ESG Charter 2024” program is a non-profit-making activity. It refers to the requirements applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises in the “Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guidelines” contained in Appendix C2 of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Rules as an assessment framework. After the participating companies have been accessed, the evaluation results will be obtained from a third-party professional evaluation consulting company, the HKSME will then list companies that have successfully passed the evaluation into the “SME ESG List” so that large companies that support the charter can give priority to their products and services.