Hansk Aims Fine Cup – China National Home Textile Industry Development Summit Forum 2018

Mr. TY Wong, Managing Director and Mr. David Yao, Deputy General Manager invited to attend and deliver keynote speech

Hansk Aims Fine Cup, China National Home Textile Industry Development Summit Forum 2018 was successfully hosted on 16 May 2018 at Shanghai. Hansk New Materials were invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech.

With the development and transformation of China’s economy, it has shifted from high-speed growth to high-quality development. As an important part of the China's industry, it has become a top priority how home textile can continue leading the Chinese economy under this new trend. Therefore, the theme of the conference is “Leading Industry Elite, Innovation Drives Value”, and has awarded Mr. TY Wong, Managing Director and Mr. David Yao, Deputy General manager of Hansk New Materials Holdings Limited for China National Textile Industry Special Contribution.

Mr. TY Wong started the forum by telling a story on the discovery of house dustmite, and the threats imposed by them. It was not until 1999 when St Georges Hospital, part of the London University released their research paper proving that house dust-mites, the tiny micro-organism is the pathogen to allergic respiratory and skin problems such as Asthma, psoriasis, eczema and rhinitis. The house dust mite is the world’s most common cause of allergy and is estimated to affect over 90 million people in Europe, North America and Japan alone. Whereas mosquitoes kill more human than any other species on earth, and over 2.5 million people die from mosquito borne diseases, and this does not include the billions infected.

HHL Technology, a sub-brand of Hansk New Materials has over 20 years of experience in anti-mosquito and anti-dustmite research and product development. HHL Technology has also obtained Oeko-Tex, FinnReach and certificates from other international authorities.

Mr. David Yao mentioned in order to drive the industrial development, Hansk implemented Group Standard T/CTCA 3-2017 “Anti-mosquito fabrics treated with permethrin” was by Hansk with other enterprises and China Textile Commerce Association. Mr. Yao has also mentioned that the National Standards will help regulate companies so the production can meet national requirement, this will provide laws and regulation to corporate and end-consumers, increasing the mutual trust between them.

The other speakers present at the forum include Yao Jingyuan, Special Researcher from the Counsellors' Office of the State Council; Ren Cheng, Vice President of EasyHome; Review Expert from National Design Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information; Chen Bangwei, Standards Committee of the National Home Textiles; Dr. Liao Wenjian, Chairman of the Board at the Bluesource Capital.

A new idea has been successfully delivered to the entrepreneurs at the summit forum, this will allow them to seize the trend and grab the opportunity in this era of functionality, high quality and personalization. It is now recognized by many entrepreneurs that textile with anti-mosquito and anti-dustmite properties are becoming a basic standard for people who want to pursue a high quality of living.