[Metro] Mosquitoes Infestation Index reached the Alert level

According to “Metro Daily” on June 21, 2016, Hong Kong mosquitos’ infestation is serious due to the hot and humid weather. The Area Ovitrap Index (AOI) in eight areas have reached and exceeded the alert level and has a continuous increase; Tseung Kwan O North has the worst case. It implicated that the anti- mosquitos’ measure is not sufficient in Hong Kong. District Council Member had rise the issue to the government, but it was rejected by “lack of resources” as reason.

Mosquitoes are the carrier of some fatal disease, such as Dengue Fever and Japanese Encephalitis. Despite that government refused to put more effort on anti- mosquitoes’ measure, citizens should protect ourselves form mosquitoes bite. Aura Protection AM1 Anti- Insect Soak & Dry can provide a long- lasting and safe protection to you. You just need to soak the clothing by AM2 for 20 minutes; you can gain 3 months or 20 washing protection form mosquitoes bite.

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