Textile Additive - HHL Technology

HHL Technology is a sub-brand of Hansk New Materials in the textile industry. HHL Technology has over ten years of experience in providing hygiene solutions such as anti-microbial, anti-mites and anti-insects across different sectors in the textile industry.

Our extensive ranges of technologies have been designed to make life easier! Instead of working with several different manufacturers in a variety of locations to obtain the desired end result, you now need to work with only one.

HHL Technology is now the ‘Department Store’ of fabric technologies – all the products you need under one roof. Our extensive ranges of products have been designed to work together effectively, meaning you can have a Pick & Mix approach with confidence.

Construction Paint - X-MOS

X-MOS is a sub-brand of Hansk New Materials in the paint industry. After years of research, X-MOS has successfully integrated the anti-insect active ingredient into the paint without damaging the properties of either component.

X-MOS Anti-Insect Paint is dual-functional, it can both repel and knock-down insects, and it is safe towards mammals, but effective at repelling mosquitoes, houseflies and other insects. X-MOS paint can be easily decomposed in alkaline medium or soil.

Soft Surface Treatment - Aura Protection

Aura Protection (Enamel Protection in China) is a sub-brand of Hansk New Materials in the soft surface treatment industry. Aura Protection utilized the technical and application knowledge of HHL Technology and developed a range of hygienic products.

Aura Protection is suitable for pest control and sanitary service companies. Family packs are also available for home use.

Hard Surface Coating - Halo Protection

Halo Protection provides anti-stain and anti-microbial functions to all types of hard surfaces, including ceramic, marble, wood, stainless steel and plastic.

Halo Protection penetrates material gaps and bind firmly to the surface. After the treated surface is air-dried, the protective coating layer reduces the surface tension and prevents stain from adhering to the material.

The anti-bacterial agent damages the cell membrane by conjugating the protein in the bacteria, therefore disrupt the composition and prevent bacteria reproduction.

The anti-insect & anti-cockroach active ingredients have also been successfully integrated into the coating system. The coating system acts as a medium by forming chemical bonds with the active ingredient and the material surface.