X-MOS Anti-Insect Hard Surface Coating can provide anti-stain and anti-microbial functions to the a wide variety of hard surfaces including ceramic, marble, wood, stainless steel and plastic. The treated surfaces can also repel insects and cockroaches after simply spray or wipe method.

ASAB Anti-Stain & Anti-Bacteria Hard Surface Coating

X-MOS ASAB can prevent dirt binding onto the hard surfaces by forming a barrier. X-MOS ASAB penetrates through surface pores, making the surface stain-resistant. ASAB can also prevents bacteria growth.

AM4 Anti-Mosquito Hard Surface Coating

X-MOS AM4 protects a variety of hard surfaces from bacteria and mosquitoes. As the insects approach the treated surface, the repellent compounds stimulate its nerve system, so that they stay away from the treated area. X-MOS AM4 revolutionizes the traditional fumigation method, and it is effective for up to 3 months.

AM4+ Anti-Cockroach Hard Surface Coating

Halo Protection AM4+ can prevent bacteria growth and repel ants and cockroaches. Halo Protection AM4+ is effective for up to 6 months!