X-MOS Anti-Insect Emulsion Paint can effectively repel and knock-down mosquitoes, houseflies and cockroaches and safeguarding the health of residents. X-MOS have successfully integrated the anti-insect active ingredient into the paint without affecting the functions and performance of the paint; it is proven to be safe for human and other mammals.

Anti-Insect & Anti-Microbial Emulsion Paint

X-Mos Anti-Insect & Anti-Microbial Emulsion Paint utilizes the most advanced insect-repellent technology from the UK and has been granted a patent in China. The product inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold, and repels mosquitoes and insects; it has passed tests for formaldehyde, heavy metals and toxicants, and proven to be safe to human beings and environmental friendly. It is effective for 24 months!

Anti-Insect & Anti-Microbial Translucent Paint

X-Mos Anti-insect & Anti-microbial Translucent Paint protects treated walls from bacteria and mosquitoes upon application. Not only is it very effective against mosquitoes, it gets rid of bacteria and mold too. The product knocks-down mosquitoes and other insects, with over 90% efficacy in preventing the biting and blood-sucking by pests. It is effective for 24 months!

Special Primer

X-Mos Primer effectively penetrates into the wall core, blocking off contaminants. It is also anti-fungal and can be applied on interior, cement, asbestic walls.

To resist alkalis and obtain the best results, it is recommended that one coat of X-Mos Special Primer is applied before X-Mos Anti-insect & Anti-microbial Emulsion Paint.